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Impact of Offsets in Defense Trade: An Annual Report to Congress
India’s Defence Offset Policy 2008

6th SMI International Offsets & Industrial Co-operation, April 2005

Countertrade & Offset

A compendium of countertrade and offset guidelines for each country that publishes them, and many of those that do not.

Indian Offsets To Bring In Substantial Investment: Recent Study study carried out by Assocham and Ernst & Young

India Defence Procurement Procedure 2008 (DPP-2008)

The Economic Aspects of Defence Offsets: Experience from Sweden and Finland by Elisabeth Sköns, Project on Military Expenditure and Arms Production, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI

Offset obligations in India: is the path right? by Preeti Suri

Trends and Challenges in Aerospace Offsets Charles W. Wessner, Editor; Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy, National Research Council, 1999

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