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UOG launches Tadreeb, the National Training Company

The UAE Offset Group announced today that through the Offset Fund Alfia, it is launching Tadreeb: The National Training LLC.

United Arab Emirates: Wednesday, December 13 - 2006 at 13:54PRESS RELEASE

Tadreeb will be focused on bringing international standards to vocational and professional training throughout the UAE and the GCC.

Mohamed Al Mazrouei, CEO of the UOG, stated, 'Tadreeb is another example of how private sector companies can contribute to capacity building, in a sustaining and efficient manner, in key strategic sectors. Training is the key to Emiratization and increasing wealth for UAE Nationals.'

Tadreeb's first action is acquiring the National Simulation and Training Center (NSTC), a UAE company that utilizes over 350 medical-certified trainers in Trauma and Emergency Medicine. NSTC has trained over 4,000 medical professionals in certified programs over the past three years.

Tadreeb Chairman, Saif Al Hajeri, who is also Acting Director of the UOG's Offset Ventures Unit, said, 'We see many training opportunities beyond the medical fields that can be pursued under Tadreeb, and we feel that our competitive advantage is quality.'

Al Hajeri further added, 'Certified Programs that require objective tests are essential for assuring that the UAE has a globally competitive workforce and Tadreeb's mission is to bring those programs to the UAE.'

According to Al Hajeri, 'Tadreeb is targeted to fill the gap between education and actual job requirements and assure that when new standards are developed, UAE professionals are certified to those standards through continuing education.'

Dr. Adel Al Shamry, Business Development Manager for Tadreeb, commented, 'With the adoption of Joint Commission standards by the UAE, medical personnel will need to train under only internationally recognized programs.'

Tadreeb has exclusive affiliations with nearly all major internationally recognized professional programs, including: The European Resuscitation Council, National Disaster Life Support Foundation, Emergency Nurses Association, The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, University of Georgia and American Academy of Family Physicians.

Dr. Al Shamry further commented that these affiliations, combined with state-of-the-art training simulators, will ensure that medical professionals have world-class training in the UAE.

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