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Just to give you a glimpse, Seneca was founded 2 years back to be a lobbying entity, but with recent developments and Hunters father as the VP things have changed and it morphed into Global Advisors. They also own a hedge fund Paradigm capital and a Global IP bank. Paradigm has about $ 650 million under management and is a fund of funds, they also invested in some India focused SPACs ( ). Seneca is geared to do Lobbying ( through another entity they in a way own called Cornerstone Government affairs ( ) and these are some of their clients ( )
Seneca is doing almost everything under the sun, they represent Microsoft to carlyle group, from Imax to
With where they are now, they have access to alternative energy companies, new technology companies, US AID funding, state dept funding, commercial capital etc.

I also work with a bunch of PE and Hedge funds besides Seneca. i work very closely with them like ( alexandra investment ) they have about 3 billion under management, Calibrax Capital, BAM funds ( ) and Baseline Capital partners and Nova Capital partners. These companies are all out of NY.

Present focus area of work

1. Stimulus funds :

Working with 13 companies on 4 projects for stimulus plan funding in the area of Labor, Broadband and Public health info.

2. FDIC auction

Working with a group of Investors to tap into the FDIC asset auctions

3. Investment banking

Working with funds ( india focused ) to raise capital ( debt and equity ) for companies like Chettinad group, parikh steel, Jindal steel etc

4. Exploring business opp for Indian companies to bring in technology, know how and funding in the areas of alt energy, technology, clean tech and Nuclear tech to India

5. Working with american companies to take them to Asia, africa

6. Opening US market for Indian companies like Simplex Infrastructure

partners :

Seneca Global advisors
Corner stone government affairs
Alexandra Investment
Calibrax capital
ETF venture funds


Health care ( africa, asia south america, central asia )

US funded projects, leveraging Seneca relationships to do that.


US funded projects, with seneca help


technology transfer in Clean tech, alt energy, bio tech, IT

Out sourcing

Opportunities in legal outsourcing, IT outsourcing


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