Sources of Information

Barter Consultants International
International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA)
A collection of links to information sources on barter and a brief account of its history and contemporary relevance of University of Exeter, UK
Counter trade page on Wikipedia
Countertrade webpage on Investopedia
Countertrade online tutorial on

Statistics on countertrade or offset
The United States Government keeps the best records on offset and countertrade. We suggest you call the US Department of Commerce. Pompiliu Verzariu is the Director of Financial Services and Countertrade in the International Trade Administration. His office may be reached at 202-482-4434. The U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) also publishes annual reports on offset and other reports on offset.

Records on offset and countertrade regulations and/or practices
EPICOS sells an internet service that provides access to many countries regulations and actual experiences.

Countertrade and Offset publishes a bi-weekly magazine that provides insight into the industry.

U.S. Aerospace Industry Statistics

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